Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Money2india – Those Points You Need to Consider

Many Indian are living abroad nowadays. There are several reasons why they are away from home. A good number of professionals and students is away from home for their own purposes. There is a wide array of purposes why the NRIs will need to transfer money to their native land. Helping the ailing patents, buying wedding gift, educational fees or just a mere remittance on monthly basis – anything can be the reason why need for money transfer arises.      

Gone are those days when a day’s long wait, lots of paperwork and tiresome processing were a boring experience for the NRI Indians who needed to send money to India. Nowadays, money sending has become quite easier due to the introduction of different electronic mechanism to do the job rightly and in the most time-saving way. The new-age services for money transfer are not only fast but also safe. 

As there is a lot of options to send Money2India, so it is important to know the ins and outs of each mode of available operations. You have put in  your valuable time and hard work to earn money, so care must be taken so that whatever option you choose is cost-saving and a safest choice too.

In addition to most familiar cotemporary money transfer modes, there are some others which are gaining popularity due to the convenience and assurance of safety that they offer. 

Direct Debit or ACH: This choice allows you to debit to your foreign bank account and transfer money to the beneficiary account/draft.

Credit Card: Payment is made via your credit card. The amount you send reaches your beneficiary in the form of home country currency.

Some important points need to be taken into consideration before you choose a specific mode of money transfer.

  • Credibility of the money transfer service provider
  • Total amount of transaction fee
  • How long it will take to deliver money to your home country
  • The current exchange rate
  • If the option is easy to use and the safe
  • Is customer service available? Generally every online banking and other modern money transfer service offers round-the-clock customer support service. So, you must ensure whether they really provide good quality support every time, no matter whether it is wee hour of the morning or at midnight.

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