Monday, 21 May 2012

Brits are sending more money overseas

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
May is drawing to a close and you can expect to end the month on a highly positive note. Here is coming encouragingly amazing news form the horse’s mouth. James price, the head of international residential development at Knight Frank has observed increasing outflow of pound to the foreign shores as the Britons are taking interest in fleeing the domestic market to make investment on the foreign soils. The reason behind such trend is the rich UK buyers are being driven to congenial climate where they can make long-term investment and get a rewarding return on it.     

Mr. Price has not sighted ‘UK recession’ as the possible reason for such fund escaping to the foreign countries. The wealthy UK residents have decided to move their funds to overseas countries due to high tax factors. So, no apparent recession ‘jerk’ within USA is causing money-draining but some other factors have been creating suitable ground for such a move in great measures. However, the hand of recession can’t be played down in this context. 

We know that the recent recession has spewed its malignant effect along the length and breadth of the globe. And so, Mediterranean countries are not immune to powerful economic downturn. As recession still continues (though expected to be in its last lag), so the real estate prices are supposed to be lower in these regions implying that property purchase in these countries is a profitable proposition. An overwhelming number of Brits are getting enthusiast to Send Money Overseas to buy a second nest of their very own.

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