Thursday, 14 June 2012

Money Transaction through SBI Online for Overseas Property Buying

Nowadays, the cash-rich investors are showing their fervor in favor of foreign property buying. And for that purpose, SBI Online money transfer is playing a key role. The world economy is yet to recover its good health and so the investors are looking for a good place worth their money investment. London being a bustling and prosperous city is offering them the just opportunity so that they can enjoy a good value for their property investment. 

SBI Online
SBI Online
Actually the people are considering the investment options that give them greater certainty in times of heavy financial crisis. Whether it is about selling or buying or mortgaging property, Currency market experiences frequent fluctuations and it leaves a greater impact on how much you are in luck with property buying or selling or mortgaging. 

Strike the iron while it is hot

I mean to say that timing is crucial whatever you do! Investing in property is a big decision and deal, so you need to find out the right time. And yes, as you are transferring a large block of money, so it is really important to know when the currency market is at its peak. If the time of trading is perfect, then you will definitely make a good profit on your investment. As you are doing currency conversion and transfer through SBI Online, day to day accurate currency exchange rate will be at your finger tips, provided you are willing to know the details. 

Exchange rate – How it affects your property cost

The end of 2008 was the most volatile phase for money exchange market. During those days, exchange rate fluctuation was a daily phenomenon. The rate used to move up or down by minimum 3-4% and sometimes, did jump into double digit figures. These fluctuations had a massive impact on the property bought, sold and mortgaged. 

Safety measures to protect your interest

A wise planning will save you a significant amount of money. Planning ahead is what you need to consider about. If you are making decision at the eleventh hour, then you have no way but accept the rate that day. The high street banks often make the first choice for offshore property payments. Foreign exchange experts play a critical role in this context. They give you a wider range of services so as to protect you from negative currency movements. For better result and safety, you can involve a currency exchange specialist. The person will ensure easy going for you no matter even the international currency exchange market is exhibiting adverse weather.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Advantages of Using Credit Card for Money

The backpackers are often short on funds while traveling overseas. So, the relatives or friends may require sending them money in times of troubles. And at this point, you need to send money as immediately as possible. A debit card is definitely a great help for that purpose. Give them one card so that you can make immediate transfer funds within a shorter time frame. An example is needed to clarify the entire point. Let us assume that your parents are on a tour to Thailand. Make sure to give a debit card to them before you actually transfer funds. Here is complete information regarding money transfer with credit card to Thailand. 

Thai Exchange Rate
Thai Exchange Rate
Thailand currency is known as Baht. Thai Exchange Rate keeps on fluctuating just like any other currencies and so you need to keep your knowledge updated regarding the current conversion rate. The exchange rate will allow you to know how much money your relative can gain on ‘via credit card’ transaction. No matter which country you are sending money from, it will automatically get converted in Baht when the recipients will withdraw cash from an ATM. 

It is possible for the recipients to withdraw money from an ATM by using prepaid debit card. Even they can use their cards at large shopping malls and big cities. And while visiting Thailand, once can find several ATM centers even in the smaller cities. And in case, they can’t withdraw cash, they are allowed to make purchase through card, no matter whether online or offline.

One of the main benefits of using a prepaid debit card is you can transfer a significant volume of money to the overseas destinations. And if they do not spend it all (if Thai Exchange Rate is favorable in terms of your home currency), the residue need not to be converted into home currency even after your parents get back home. The surplus remains on the card and when they return home, they can take out the cash in home currency. That is why; credit card is much a better choice than over cash or traveler’s check.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Money Transfer & Its History

Both individuals and business houses need money transfer far and wide for a variety of purposes. Whereas the business houses need overseas or local transaction more often, the individuals require the same either once in a blue moon or on monthly basis. Money transfer is popularly known as wire transfer. It is the quickest, simplest and safest way to Transfer Money, no matter whatever the destination is.

Money transfer or wire transfer refers to money sending to distant places either within national boundary or beyond that. This transfer may happen either physically or electronically. To send money, the sender needs to place an order with a wire transfer service provider and it takes the responsibility to deliver the specified amount to the recipient. The sender must have the correct information regarding the recipient’s full name and requisite bank account details. 

Do you wonder how money transfer is done so quickly? Well, the banks and other money transfer service providers have a strong and worldwide network of affiliated financial institutes to complete the transaction on customer’s request. Generally, the wire transfer houses demand a nominal fee for the service they offer. Nowadays, more advanced mode of money transfer has been introduced. EFT or electronic funds transfer is now widely used to transfer money. 

Unearthing the history of money transfer

Transfer Money
Transfer Money
It is not that Transfer Money is happening only these days. In reality, it is a 150 years’ old system. However, with the passage of time, the transfer process has evolved a lot and become more advanced. And yes, money transfer has become largely electronic based. Money transfer institutes are dime a dozen and moreover, they do not require you to have an account for the purpose of money sending. 

It was in 1837, the first practical telegraph perfected by Samuel Morse gave birth to safe and speedy money transfer service to both individuals as well as business professionals. It did not take much time for this system to become amazingly popular. It was really a boon for those who require money sending overseas because the first time in history, they got a system that would deliver funds across borders within a very short time (say a few minutes to a few days). The 21st century is the age of technological dominance. Introduction of computer and penetration of internet has replaced telegraph-based wire transfer.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Different options, time limit and cost criteria of overseas money transfer

Overseas money transfer has become much easier and faster now. Furthermore, due to high competition in this field, money transfer centers are providing their service at much cheaper rate. Yes, this is quite of good help for those who require frequent fund transaction to financially support their family members or pay for medical bills or for other obvious reasons. Let us now take a closer look at different money sending options as well as cost and delivery time related to it.

Online Banking

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
Most probably, it is the easiest way to Send Money Overseas. Online banking allows you to transfer money directly to others’ accounts, no matter whatever your purpose is. You just need to set up an account and make transfer through it. However, the account number and transit routing number of the recipient are a must-have for you to transfer money. Money transfer through online banking takes 2-4 days. It is highly reliable mode of overseas money transaction. As far as charge is concerned, some banks offer cost-free service for online banking. 

Transit Routing Number

A transit routing number is popularly known as ABA number or RTN (Routing Transit Number) or check routing number. The number is basically a 9-digit code to identify the branch of the bank and its location. At the time of online money sending, you will ask to provide this number. 

Wire Transfer

For a large bulk of money, wire transfer is a good solution. However, you need to pay for ‘through wire’ money transfer service. Fee varies from one transfer house to another, however ranges between $10 and $15. High speed is what has made wire transfer one of the most popular modes of money sending. Usually, money delivery is done within the same working day. As large sum of money is transferred, so the centers offer high security.

International Money Transfer
International Money Transfer

Nowadays, the money transfer centers are quite busy with providing International Money Transfer service. It is because more and more of people are going abroad and settling there. So, it is quite natural for them to send money to their home country on a frequent basis. So, the important factor is to locate a reliable service provider who does it within minimum time, provides high security but does not ask for a whopping figure for their help.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Five Major Concerns When You Transfer Money

Nowadays, a large sum of money is transferred near shore and offshore day in and day out. Some make regular overseas transfer while the rest do it once in a blue moon. However, whether you are a frequent money sender or do it occasionally, there are five major aspects to consider – speed, security, cost, transfer amount, destinations. Everyone wants to optimize speed and security at the least cost. Let us now underline each of these factors one by one.

Speed of transfer: This is a highly important factor, especially when you have urgency to send money. Several times you need to Transfer Money with extreme immediacy. So before committing to money transfer service just make sure that the company you are sending it through really does it very fast. Some transfer companies do overseas money transactions within 20 minutes while others take weeks or months to do the same.

Security in transaction: Money transfer always involves risk and higher the volume of transaction, greater is the risk to be borne. For this reason, it is must to look into ‘security factor’. Inquire whether the organization will take extra care while making bulk transaction. If you are going to transfer money for the first time, you can take advice from your friends or other acquaintances to get an idea which company offers good service with greater security in this business.

Cost: Admit it or not, cost factor is a priority for the majority of people sending money more than often. What we want is to get the best value for money. Three types of cost are involved in money transaction. The first one being exchange rate is the most important. The second type refers to the commission of the transfer agents. This factor greatly depends on the volume of money to be transferred. One thing you must remember that some claim to offer commission-free service but it adversely affects exchange rate. And the last one is actual transfer fees charged by the banks.

Amount to transfer: Every agency does not support large money transfer. Some impose restrictions as to how much you can transfer. If you need bulk transfer to any countries throughout the globe, it makes sense to consider this ‘limit’ factor. So, if you want to send Money2India, you must find out if the agency offers service for that particular country.

An excellent money transfer service is what delivers the best in every aspect.

International money transfer - How to save money

If you are planning to move overseas or want to send money offshore, international money transaction may give you a real headache, especially in times of emergency. The worst thing experienced by many is loss of thousands when they send money or receive the same from overseas. They lose because they have poor knowledge regarding exchange rate and transaction fees. However, this loss can be easily averted if you gather some knowledge in this regard and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the money transaction market. 

Is there any hidden fess?

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
There are two important instruments for money transfer – transfer fees and the margin levied on the exchange rate. Anxiety over exchange rate takes the better of the laymen and they are completely unaware of the fact that exchange rate is actually ‘hidden fee’ and this is the area in which the banks and other currency converting institutes make money.

What these transfer houses do is they sell currency at much above the interbank rate. This ‘plus’ is called margin and it determines the profit they make. Use currency converter so as to know the difference between the interbank rates and quote rate. It will help you assess whether you have made a good deal or not. 

Know how to take protection against currency volatility

Do you Send Money Overseas more than often? If it is so, then you may be a lot worried about frequent volatility in exchange rate. In order to protect yourself against currency volatility, you should go for ‘fixed rate’ arrangement. In that case, you need to pay 5-10 percent as deposit and the rest is paid throughout the valid time period (generally 12 months) when you actually make money transaction. 

Consider foreign exchange through bank and non-banking houses 

Generally, ordinary people prefer the banking hubs when it comes to international money transfer. If you are transferring money too often, then bank is a good option. But if millions of bucks are not involved in transaction and you are moving money far between, then you can contact any organizations dedicatedly doing currency transactions. These organizations are no substitute for banks but in reality, offer high-end service. These organizations have several experienced brokers who understand your needs, keep watch on the market exchange rate and finally determine the right time for money transaction on your behalf. 

Buy currency when the rate matches your ‘budget rate’

This works best for those who are not in a hurry to move currencies immediately. It is better to team up with a broker. Determine a rate that you want to achieve. However, your target must be realistic. When the market rate hits that figure, your broker will purchase the currency for you.

Do market research to get the best deal

There are several currency organizations operating in the market and all of them claim to offer the best service. It is better to check if there is any verity in their claims,. The best way to do this is to open an account with three or four organizations. It is a free process and puts no obligation on you to trade sooner or later. 

If you are shopping for a good rate, then engage a broker to do the job on your behalf. The exchange rate takes only a few days (2-3 days) to change, so make sure to be nimble at shopping!

So, follow the above-stated simple tips and save a tidy sum on your overseas money transaction!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Knowing the right time to do money trading

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
If you are transferring a large burden of money overseas or eyeing on purchasing a real estate in foreign country, it is a must to keep an unblinking watch on international market and exchange that keeps on frequent fluctuating. It is a rule of thumb that strike the iron when it is hot. So, those who are involved in money transaction business or sending money overseas are highly recommended to Send Money Overseas only when the exchange rate strikes a high. This way, you can save a lot on your money transfer fees. For better result you can contact an expert broker who has an enviable breadth of experience in this filed.       

Help at your elbow

Fortunately several good and reliable foreign exchange specialists are working in this field. They offer guidance to their customers when it is right time to strike a deal. A personal broker possesses knowledge regarding different possibilities of money transfer. The person always assesses your needs and considers deadline within which transfer must be made. He always monitors the market and on the basis of all these details, the person finds out the best time and the most favorable exchange rate so that transaction brings maximum gain on part of his clients.

A currency specialist works with the following instruments:

Forward Contracts: With it, you can make a buy or sell of currency at a rate fixed today. It helps you stay protected against adverse currency rate.

Stop Loss Orders: It allows you to set a minimum exchange rate for buy or sale of currency. Once the rate hits that pre-set high, your order for currency conversion will be automatically met. This is particularly good when the market is showing a volatile movement and predicted to be adverse in coming days.

Spot Contracts: It is the perfect instrument for quick and efficient money delivery nearshore or offshore. 

Limit Orders: Set a higher rate of exchange for currency trading. It is a good practice to combine both limit orders and spot less orders, the exchange rate of your trading will range between these two extreme ends implying that you can map out effective plan and gain more on money transaction.