Monday, 30 April 2012

Transfer Money – Indian Banking Sector Is Changing for Good

Transfer Money
Transfer Money
India exhibits a rapidly growing economy. By riding on the cutting-edge technology, the country is taking big leaps towards the prosperous future. The technological improvement has spread its reach to banking sector. The banks are now bringing more technology-supported transaction into it working system. The introduction of electronic money transaction has reduced the usage of traditional routes to Transfer Money by a good extent. It is highly expected that more advanced means will be introduced and become the only options for money transfer internationally in days to come.      

This scenario has almost eliminated the need for the banks to branch into different units all over India. It has also reduced the expenses of money transfer across the borders. 10% of ongoing transactions in the Indian banks is done via online. No surprise that this figure is only going to rise in near future. Mobile banking is the latest evolution in this regard. It is the most convenient way to do any type of transaction and expected to rule not only in India but throughout the globe.

According to studies, about 90% of mobile banking service users do transaction via phone instead of ATM or credit cards. The technology used in ATM machine also finds good application in mobile banking too. With mobile banking being inexpensive and technology changing life of everyone, India is actively playing the role of a pioneer in the domain of alternative options for banking transactions. 

With Indian people growing more and more tech-savvy, use of internet for regular banking activities is shooting up day by day. However, most of the time they restrict the use to check their updated statements and know if transactions have been completed. The bank websites also allow the customers to throw queries regarding the offered services. Truth must be admitted that Indian customers have yet to grow habit of ask questions online.

International Money Transfer – Beyond the Border

Transfer of money is not only restricted to any local or national boundary. In fact, many of us need to transfer money overseas either for our very personal purposes or to help family or friends out. International money transfer is not a new phenomenon, however has hit a high only nowadays. It is because, more and more of the individuals –  either driven by trend or by their personal ambition – are scattered over the foreign shores for studies or professional purposes. In keeping with the escalating demand for money transfer internationally, banks are coming up with inventive ideas to make the matter easier and smarter.   
Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas

In earlier days, wire transfer was the most popular means to Send Money Overseas. However, it was quite expensive which almost forced people consider about better alternatives. Their earnest concerns have been  duly addressed and better options are on offer to go for. One of these choices that make better promises for money transfer is international banking. It follows a specified format for safekeeping of files and the process is the best fit for transferring money across the borders. The codes used by the banks for transaction are not made public to maintain secrecy regarding the clients’ details.

Both the countries – one from where transaction is made and other where money is sent to – follow the same file format to bring some uniformity in functioning so as to make the matter oversimplified. The worldwide banking network is so strong that even global money transfer happens with the same speed at which local transfer takes place. With such a widely spread network performing at its level best, charges on transaction can be easily averted.

Sleek process of electronic money transfer has removed all  sorts of complexity so far involved with wire transaction. It has also eliminated the requirements of having multiple accounts for the purpose of money clearance. There are some local transaction systems through which collected funds are disbursed. 

The good point about international money transaction is that it brings standardization and speed into the system. Transaction is made at much reduced cost which is another factor to make it a favorite with the people. The fact that clearance is made at the local level makes the transfer happen at a staggering pace and without any hitch. The much reduced currency conversion fees also works in favor of popularity of international banking transfer.

Friday, 27 April 2012

NRTs Must Explore Options to Send Money to Thailand

Thai Exchange Rate
Thai Exchange Rate
In recent years, Thailand has grown up as a stronger economy than ever. The economists have identified the reason behind the rising value of Baht – Thai Currency – for such boom and boost. Many individuals from Thailand are trying out their hands at anything ranging from minor jobs to the most sophisticated ones abroad. The figure of Thai workers toiling hard on the foreign shores is on galloping rise. It is due to the reason that the Thai workers are exhibiting competence age which is being made the best use of. A large pool of Thais is dotting the foreign lands for education or work purpose. They are sending money to their mother land and this could be a good reason for the country’s prospect. 

They send money to Thailand through several ways. Involving a banking house for money transfer sounds a good choice. However, the catch is that those want to use this option must have bank accounts. Money is directly transferred from the senders’ account. Wire transfer is also a good way to transfer money internationally. If you are going with this option, then it may be quite a challenge to select a company especially when there are so many around. And there is also online facility which is sort of ‘king in the ring’ in this context. This is really easy to use banks’ websites for money sending. Just go to the website of a company which you trust in this regard and then follow the instructions. Money transfer through websites provides you with round-the-clock service.

A new-age option is finding more favor with the non residential Thais and it is reloadable debit cards. Due to the simplicity and ‘high speed’ factor involved, this new-age craze is considered the most easiest way for money transaction. The users can easily send their monetary assistance to their families and friends through this service. They are not heavily charged for this service. Truly speaking, they transfer money at the minimum rate. You can get a good value for money at the ongoing Thai Exchange Rate. The charge is pegged at the lowest level because the senders can easily fund the debit card via phone or net. Furthermore, it is possible to direct the funds to the recipient in Thailand when the card is linked to the checking account, debit card or credit card by the sender.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Overseas Money Transfer – Make the Most of Facilities Available

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
Traditional money transfer is soon going to be obsolete as the customers have already got better alternatives to Send Money Overseas. If the amount to be transferred is a big figure, then you may end up being in a mess. Moreover, transfer will not that be easy and speedy which will cause them to sag under pressing worries.  So, consider the other ways that will bring simplicity, smartness and speed into money transaction.

Let us first concentrate on requirements for expat money transfer. At the same time, we will also focus on what you actually want while transferring money internationally. I do hope you will not be averse to ‘speed’ and ‘safety’. So far you have been quite familiar with stashing cash in an envelope and then sending it through bank. It is not a safe way  and who other than you knows it better?

Transfer of money can be applied in a boarder sense. Apart from cash transfer, there may be transfer of monetary benefits, payment and other kinds of income. For every case, one thing is common and it is that transfer will take place with immediacy and safety.

Some international banks allow the customers to set up ‘on-demand’ facilities. The banks will provide you with the safety code which they always oblige to keep secret. When you need money transfer, just call or fax them and the specified amount will be directly credited to your account within 3-7 days. It is possible to get transferred done within 1-2 days but then you have to pay more for this ‘ultra’ speed.

As part of their service, the banks will convert the transferred money into currency of the country where the money has been sent to. The banks also do ‘customized’ service by allowing an individual (who has account with the bank) to set up a program for automatic money transfer on a particular day. This feature is of great help for those who require such transaction in every month.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Money2india – Embodying Facilities of Online Banking

Those days are soon going to be a part of  history when inter-country  money transfer used to consume much of your time. You could have saved the time and invested it in some productive purposes. Not only this conventional process is slow but it is not secured too. Adding to these disadvantages are the anxiety and worries of the senders and receivers until everything is settled.       

This pitfall was not restricted to only a single economic zone  but was a familiarity on the whole global front. Take the case of India. Even a few decades ago, it was more than the wildest idea to transfer money instantly. The NRIs found it very difficult to safely transfer money from abroad to India. A better alternative money transaction was top on every bank account holder. Wish got the touch of reality with introduction of Money2India online banking.

Growth of Indian economy and spreading concept of globalization  have paved the way for the success of online banking. The multinational banks denied to be only a mere witness to this accelerated growth but wanted to be very much a part and parcel of it. With every passing day, more and more of them came to India to open their branches and offer online banking facility. These entities – being quite savvy with the advantages of internet – built up their website which are the base for banking via online. Another best about these websites is any changes or new offers are always on instant display within hours of announcement and reach to wider section of people both in and out of the online banking circle. 

Money transfer via online can also be made from bonds, stocks, mutual funds and equity trading. Nowadays, almost every big financial player is easing money transfer facility through their offer of online banking. You just need to set up a bank account with a particular bank. You can send money to any place located on domestic front or international domain provided the bank has the franchises in the same locations.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Money Transfer to Thailand

The simplest, speediest and smartest way of sending money to Thailand is online transaction. Online money transfer is often referred to as wire transfer. You can send money either through online credit card or via wire transfer of cash by an agent. No matter what time of the day or night you transfer money, it will reach the destination almost within blink of an eye.  

Thai Exchange Rate
Thai Exchange Rate
International Money Transfer via online route is a simple and transparent process done in no time. You are just required to fill in an online form. Everything on the online form is written in simple language but if you find it hard to understand anything, feel free to consult an adviser in this regard. 

Baht is the currency of Thailand. Money transferring to Thailand is no different from bringing hard cash into the country. However, leaving with money from the country is regulated by several strict restrictions. These regulations are imposed on the money sent electronically and also on the amount of cash that a person carries while leaving Thailand. 

There is no static figure regarding the amount of money that can be brought out of Thailand. This figure keeps on changing with the ever fluctuating economy. So, those want to leave the country with cash must check the regular news if there has been any changes and to verify the current Thai Exchange Rate.  You can also browse the informative websites on this subject as to gather more information and valuable guidance. 

Sending money to Thailand via electronic mode is a safe, convenience and reliable process. I do hope that like other you too want a good exchange rate. So, contact a trusted agent or organization so that you get the best possible rate of exchange that will make a bigger difference in the amount received if it is a tidy figure you are transferring.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

International Money Transfer to & from Thailand

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
Sending money to a Thai bank account is really easy. There are no restrictions on money sending to Thailand. But before you finally transfer money, take a hard look at the bank account regulations. However, if you decide to purchase Condo, then wire foreign currency instead of wiring Thai currency.      

Can I bring money into Thailand?

As there are literally no restrictions, you can easily bring money into Thailand. This validity applies to both Thai Baht and foreign currency. But one point needs to be put here. If you are making entry into Thailand with more than 20,000 USD, then the amount must be declared at the border. Make sure to carry a receipt of cash money that you have brought into Thailand, it will facilitate money withdrawal whenever you need it in future. 

How will I send money from Thailand to foreign counties?

According to regulations as to sending money overseas form the Thai shore, you are not allowed to transfer more than 20,000 USD to the bank account in any foreign country. Though it is a rare case that you experience some problems with money transfer, still you can always try out with other bank if the worst happens. 

If your money is saved in USD i.e. foreign currency account, you can transfer it to your other accounts abroad. The glitch is that if money is saved in a Thai bank account, then such transfer is not possible to your foreign bank account. However, the most advantage option is that you can Send Money Overseas without any literal obligation provided you can submit a proof of bringing money into the country.

Cheap and Secure Money Transfer

International Money Transfer
International Money Transfer
The banks enjoy a good amount of profit through overseas money sending. They make fortune out of the charges they demand for money transaction. However, it is always possible to bypass the banks and seek intervention of a foreign exchange broker.

One needs money transaction for a variety of purposes such as buying a real asset, spending holidays on foreign shores, making investment on the foreign soil, study abroad. Any of these requires transfer of a heavy volume of money to diverse destinations.

The broker through which you are transferring money must be of high repute so that it can ensure high level of transparency and security. In addition to speed and security, getting a good deal should also be your priority. 

How to get the best deal? Well, for that you need to toil hard and shop around. Even a small percentage of difference can bring you large savings if you are transferring a tidy sum of money. A good example may well clarify the point. You will be able to save £2,000 on £200,000 if your broker offers one percent improvement in the exchange rate.

One of the most convenient, tried and trusted methods of International Money Transfer is online transaction. Speed is the ultimate factor which online money transaction is most liked for. No area is so remote that money can’t be transferred there online. However, if exchange rate is not good only speed is not sufficient to satisfy the customers.

Monday, 16 April 2012

International Money Transfer Will Now Be Easier

International Money Transfer
International Money Transfer
Numerous companies are working in the field of money transfer and currency exchange. Some of them are really doing well in this regard. From time to time, they come up with some good announcements and these benefit those who require money transfer service. 

However, the most recent announcement came from the Currency Cloud, the wide and well-known platform for international exchange payment automation. In mid of March, it claimed to have secured a whooping amount of $4m in series A-Funding. The amount was procured from Anthemis, the follow-on participator.

The funding will be utilized to give a boost to the commercial activities and facilitate commercial development. Over 100 corporate units are already using the company’s SaaS offers and more than 20 platform partners have signed as to the use of company’s API. 

The overall picture will be of great help for the International Money Transfer companies, transaction-based web business units, financial and consumer services etc. The entire process will be quite handy for automated currency receiving as well as currency conversion. It will also lessen and remove currency risk of transaction, overall cost and integrated complexities as to payment and conversion. 

The newly introduced SaaS (Software as a Service) will successfully reduce the cost volume and remove the frictions in payment infrastructure so as to ensure better and smoother international multi-currency exchange.

In spite of the fact that currency buying and selling are not that much tough, it is quite tedious and troublesome for some companies and individuals to do money transaction. The traditional foreign exchange market has always been fragmented. Furthermore, how the companies operate in the marketplace is not clear and exchange is also expensive. Now Currency Cloud is providing a universal platform for international money transaction that will be transparent in operation and inexpensive in price.

Friday, 13 April 2012

International Money Transfer – What You Need to Consider

International Money Transfer
International Money Transfer
International business is on a new high and it is pushing the demand for safe and quick transfer of money abroad. Necessity has resulted into the rise of countless companies to facilitate easy and speedy money transfer. Due to the advent of technology, money transfer has become much easier nowadays.      

Nowadays, you can send money anywhere in the world just through an ‘open and click’ process. You do not need to send a cheque or money orders. Everything will be done as smoothly as imaginable due to online International Money Transfer facility. However, while sending  money online, you need to take some extra care so as to ensure the highest security throughout the process of transaction. 

Reputation of the Company:

This factor is very much important for those who want to send money abroad. A cheap company should not be what to set your mind on because in order save cost you may end up losing the entire amount. Run a check on how long the company has been working in this field without any blemish in its record. This will give you a hint if the company can at all be trusted or not.

Charge of Money Transfer:

You must have enough knowledge regarding the charges for money transfer. Most of the customers tend to go for the less pricey service but that may turn out to be expensive yet ineffective at the end. So, it is always better to go for a good service provider even if you have to spend an additional amount for that. Generally the money transfer companies provide their customers with an annual track record from which you can easily know if the particular company is a member of the standard trade association.

Exchange Rate: 

Before you finalize as to whom to rely on for money transfer, look in the right place to have an idea regarding the current exchange rate. If you need to transfer a very big amount, then even a slim change in the exchange rate will make a bigger difference. Whenever you are sending money overseas, make it sure to get the best exchange rate.

Send Money Overseas – Finding a Good Broker Saves You a Lot

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
Do you need overseas  money transfer or currency exchange? You will obviously try to get the best exchange rate and wish to get money transferring done as easily as possible. Transferring money online is the easiest and safest way of transaction. The problem is there are numerous money transfer service providers and it is not quite easy to find out a trustworthy one. This blog may be of some help to solve your difficulty and dilemma.   

The best way to experience effortless and speedy money transfer is do a lot of market research as to the offers of some online currency brokers. It is very likely that the brokers offer different exchange rates and so knowing the available rates may help you get the best possible one that favors you the most. 

Apart from easy money transfer, security in transaction is another priority for you. Make sure to check if the broker is an authorized body. There are strict rules and regulations in this industry and only the authorized brokers conform to these. These stringent rules are enforced to ensure safety regarding money transfer. This way your money will always be safe and secured should the broker busts.

Most of the brokers work on commission basis while transferring money overseas. It points out to the fact that they make thousands of dollars out of money transferring. However, you may not like the idea. So locate a broker who charges no commission to Send Money Overseas. It will help you save a very decent figure that might have been snatched away by the broker.  It may take time to find out such brokers but believe me, they are no alien and very much exist in this real world!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Want to Settle in Thailand? Learn about Thai Exchange Rate and Online Money Transfer

The world economy has been badly hit by the economic downturn and it is yet to recover from the curses. People have learned to be financially wise (read frugal) so that they can resist the hard blow of any unfortunate economic events. One major change has been observed in the mindset of the retired persons. 

Thai Exchange Rate
Thai Exchange Rate
More and more of the senior citizens are now interested in finding a peaceful zone to spend the rest of their life. Even some of them like to leave their ancestral home and go to a place where the living cost is relatively low and peace reigns supreme all over. Thailand is one such destination. But before you finally settle in this South Eastern Paradise, you must have a fair amount of knowledge regarding the Thai Exchange Rate and how to send money to this country..

Exchange rate is not a static figure and keeps on fluctuating often. Generally the exchange rate ranges between 30-35 baht to dollar. Thailand makes an economic choice for the budget-bound spenders like the majority of the retirees. Money exchange through conventional route is soon going to be all history as online transaction has become a new rage with people. This contemporary mode of International Money Transfer is the most reliable and is very quick in operation, thereby helping you get money within no time.

This new-age feature is not restricted to any national boundary as the benefits of online transaction can be enjoyed throughout the world. You just need to pay fees for money transfer however the rate varies. Now you have every detail of internet-enabled money transfer at your fingertips, there will be no problem flying off to Thailand with your bag and baggage and live happily there for good and ever.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

International Money Transfer – An Overview

International Money Transfer
International Money Transfer
The most common problem the travelers face while being far-flung from home is how to  receive money. There are so many allurements on the exotic shores that there is thick chance for you to run out of money. There are so many must-visit destinations to explore, celebrity eateries to enhance your dining experience and needless to say, these pleasure will not come easy on your pocket. Furthermore, it is quite natural for the tourists to be swept away by the shopping  frenzies. However, everything boils down to the fact that you need a tidy sum while traveling near or far. Online banking is an easy solution to transfer money safely and immediately to your account when you are in dire need of the most liquid asset. 

You can Transfer Money from anywhere in the world. The traditional means of money transfer takes a lot of time to send money to the designated person. In case of emergency, it will do no good if the requisite money reaches late. On the other hand, online fund transfer is much easier, smarter and faster way to send and get money anywhere under the sun.  Furthermore, international money transfer via online banking is much cheaper. The travelers do not have account in the country they are visiting but that will hardly be a problem to transfer money because you still have other alternatives to do the same. You are allowed to use the international debit and credit cards. Nowadays, these are provided by the banks in which the customers have their account.  
The best about contemporary money transfer solution is location does not matter to send or receive money. Quick service is the prime factor to add to the popularity of International Money Transfer.  There are several companies working in this field and charge varies from one to another. Generally charge is calculated as a percentage of the amount being transferred. However, there are some banks which demand a static rate irrespective of the volume you are going to transfer.