Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Advantages of Using Credit Card for Money

The backpackers are often short on funds while traveling overseas. So, the relatives or friends may require sending them money in times of troubles. And at this point, you need to send money as immediately as possible. A debit card is definitely a great help for that purpose. Give them one card so that you can make immediate transfer funds within a shorter time frame. An example is needed to clarify the entire point. Let us assume that your parents are on a tour to Thailand. Make sure to give a debit card to them before you actually transfer funds. Here is complete information regarding money transfer with credit card to Thailand. 

Thai Exchange Rate
Thai Exchange Rate
Thailand currency is known as Baht. Thai Exchange Rate keeps on fluctuating just like any other currencies and so you need to keep your knowledge updated regarding the current conversion rate. The exchange rate will allow you to know how much money your relative can gain on ‘via credit card’ transaction. No matter which country you are sending money from, it will automatically get converted in Baht when the recipients will withdraw cash from an ATM. 

It is possible for the recipients to withdraw money from an ATM by using prepaid debit card. Even they can use their cards at large shopping malls and big cities. And while visiting Thailand, once can find several ATM centers even in the smaller cities. And in case, they can’t withdraw cash, they are allowed to make purchase through card, no matter whether online or offline.

One of the main benefits of using a prepaid debit card is you can transfer a significant volume of money to the overseas destinations. And if they do not spend it all (if Thai Exchange Rate is favorable in terms of your home currency), the residue need not to be converted into home currency even after your parents get back home. The surplus remains on the card and when they return home, they can take out the cash in home currency. That is why; credit card is much a better choice than over cash or traveler’s check.

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