Tuesday, 17 April 2012

International Money Transfer to & from Thailand

Send Money Overseas
Send Money Overseas
Sending money to a Thai bank account is really easy. There are no restrictions on money sending to Thailand. But before you finally transfer money, take a hard look at the bank account regulations. However, if you decide to purchase Condo, then wire foreign currency instead of wiring Thai currency.      

Can I bring money into Thailand?

As there are literally no restrictions, you can easily bring money into Thailand. This validity applies to both Thai Baht and foreign currency. But one point needs to be put here. If you are making entry into Thailand with more than 20,000 USD, then the amount must be declared at the border. Make sure to carry a receipt of cash money that you have brought into Thailand, it will facilitate money withdrawal whenever you need it in future. 

How will I send money from Thailand to foreign counties?

According to regulations as to sending money overseas form the Thai shore, you are not allowed to transfer more than 20,000 USD to the bank account in any foreign country. Though it is a rare case that you experience some problems with money transfer, still you can always try out with other bank if the worst happens. 

If your money is saved in USD i.e. foreign currency account, you can transfer it to your other accounts abroad. The glitch is that if money is saved in a Thai bank account, then such transfer is not possible to your foreign bank account. However, the most advantage option is that you can Send Money Overseas without any literal obligation provided you can submit a proof of bringing money into the country.

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